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"When setting up a new business its very easy to pick an "accountant" and my first accountant was a large company in London where I thought I would get the service that i need! How wrong I could be! With so many things to do when setting up a new business, its quite easy to pick the first one that comes along, within a few months I realised that you must take far more care when choosing probably the most important aspect of your company. I had numerous problems, not being called back, confusions with very simple aspects of accounts and felt that I didnt have any support from a service that I was paying highly for.

Being a small business you generally meet lots of other people in small business enterprises and a friend reccommended Helen Agutter and Miss Moneypennys service. After a meeting, which did neither sent me to sleep or confuse me into wanting to forget the whole thing, I realised that a smaller accounts company with a vast array of knowledge would far more suit me than a large company where my account was only considered to be a mere number.

I have been with Helen Agutter and co for over 18 months now and Im impressed by the high level of service. If I dont get the answer I need straight away, it doesnt take long for someone to come back to me, everything is done on time and as I am not the most accounts driven person in the business world, I feel I have someone to take that burden off me and who is interested in my company growth.

I would highly recommend her services and the price is very reasonable too as there arent a load of "add ons" just for making a phone call to them and asking a simple question"

Chris Clarke
Managing Director

"A friendly and highly professional approach making business accounting easy to understand"

Laura Harrison
Sketch Events Ltd

"Helen is friendly, approachable and clearly has the best interests of her clients at heart. She explains everything concisely without the jargon sometimes associated with accountants- a totally refreshing and rare gift, especially when dealing with the complexities of HM revenues and taxes!"

Charmaine Crisp
Embrace it all Ltd
"This is a first class, friendly service. I was able to provide most of the information easily by email and my tax return is always produced quickly, accurately, with the minimum of fuss and at a very competitive price." Steven Kinch,
Burt Brill and Cardens


You were brilliant. I had a small company and you were amazingly helpful whenever I needed a bit of a nudge to keep things running smoothly. I'd recommend you to anyone who needs an accountant. Quite the best and nicest account I've ever dealt with.

Best wishes,

Hartline Ltd

Hi Helen

Very happy for you to use my quote below - and i mean it!

Helen has supported me over the last few years in launching and developing my business. She combines great service with a friendly and helpful manner. Technically excellent and with lots of advice to reduce costs and increase profits.


Bell Smith Ltd

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